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Your values reflect your level of success!

Do you know what your values are and are you living in alignment with the values that are truly serving you?

Being successful may not have you living the life you would like to live especially if your success is not in tune with your own values and especially not if you are living according to someone else's values.

We live our lives in a world that places high importance on values that most often do not  work for us and we drive ourselves to meet these values which are not our own. This mostly leads us to a life of either lacking in fulfillment or one that is very hard to maintain. To really break through and experience unlimited success and possibilities we need to become fully aware of what our true values are. It is in this space of awareness and presence that we finally move away from a life of mediocrity and dullness to a life filled with fullness and purpose.

It takes vulnerability to look deeply into yourself and become fully conscious of who you are and what your values really are. It takes courage to strip everything away including those values you have wrongly lived all your life. Finally it takes patience to work yourself back up according to your true values.

Can you answer the call to live the life you have always wanted?

Listen to Peter's mentor Bill Macleod talk about values and the importance of awareness of these values.

Leverage to change

You need to get real on the cost of how you are doing things at the moment. When you get really honest with the cost to yourself, then you it gives you the leverage to change what you are doing.

Learn more about Bill at  : https://billmacleod.wordpress.com/about-bill/

Learn more about your Values at : http://scriptsclub.com.au/home/planning/values/your-values-assesment/

For one of Bill's value assessments contact us at support@petergilchrist.com.au

Written by Peter Gilchrist