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The devil is in the vision.

I have often been told that the devil is in the detail. I no longer get this. After taking thousands of managers and salespeople through days of planning, it is my belief that the devil is in the vision.



If you can’t see where the growth is, nothing is going to happen.

Most managers stop at the edges of their thinking. They can’t go past it. No matter how many ways they are shown how to grow, if it is not in their brain somewhere, if they have not ‘seen’ it, it won’t happen.

So, how do you get to the vision?

Creativity comes from the gaps in our thinking, so the first way to create new visions is to get out of the ‘doing’ – out of the busy mind that has no room for new ideas. This involves learning to sit. You need to sit in meditation and allow thoughts to come and go. This takes your mind into new places until you are hit with an idea – something you can get involved with.

  • You can get these ideas by going to other companies that do similar business to yours and see them in action.
  • You can read the work of commentators who talk about these things.
  • You can run focus groups and listen to what customers say would be great ideas for your business.

Whatever way you find these new visionary ideas, they will only ‘land’ if you stay open. If you are not aware that there is opportunity, you will miss the vision in front of you.

If the idea of learning to sit and meditate seems too new age for you, then simply sit and think for 30 minutes a day. Think only about what could be in your business. No detail. Don’t worry about the ‘how’, just what could be possible. Once it is in your brain, you will start to see other possibilities around that idea. You will see things you did not notice before, in your business and others.

Then you won’t stop it happening!

Written by Peter Gilchrist