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Getting started in database marketing

The programme runs for seven weeks. Just do what I suggest as I suggest it. It should work along the lines of the following.


 Week one

Tidy up your existing data. Get all information off your desk. Start the culture change.

Week two

Re-qualify all the existing contacts in the system. Push hard on this. You could get outside people in to do it, if necessary, but it is better not to. After all, this is the job!

Week three

Input all the new data and the altered information.

Week four

Begin to look at what is in there. How many buyers do you have? How many of the buyers you have listed have houses for sale?

Week five

The conversations can begin. This week, design the emails and information that you will use for marketing to each segment. You should be running a seller's evening this week and videoing it.

Week six

Start to up-load videos in your system onto YouTube.

Week seven

Look at Twitter and Facebook for the company. You will get it now. And have the big rocks in place to do it.

Print this and put it somewhere where you can keep coming back to it!

Make sure your forms have the right fields in them

The forms that are filled out at the front line must reflect what is in the system that you use for management. It is a great idea to colour code these as well.

There are three forms to concentrate on to get this started:

  1. The open day form. Have these filled out correctly. It is not appropriate to have them returning to the office with just a name and a number on them.
  2. The buyer's form. These are completed after the call-back or when a straight buyer enquiry comes in.
  3. The potential seller's (appraisal) form.

Make sure the following information is in the forms:

  • Do they have to sell their house to buy?
  • Where did they see your add or adds?
  • What categories are they in?
  • Investors
  • Out of town
  • Past clients
  • Advocates - those who love and adore you
  • AAAs - those who have used you twice
  • AAs - those who have used you once
  • As - all others.

Buyers with houses to sell must be in there!

You may need to work with your system manager to ensure that all these fields are available. You can’t go forward unless they are.

Line them all up so they have what you need in them. Be sure to include information you have always wanted to collect that is particular to your area.

Re-qualify every contact in your system

The team must have the questions to ask so the information can put into the correct segment.

You can input data one of two ways:

  • The information is entered onto a new form when the questions are asked and then put into the system.
  • The information is entered directly into the system as the questions are asked.

You need to make a lot of phone calls here. This is a great team thing to get stuck into, especially if business is a little quiet. One way to do this is have a full 'telemarketathon'. Get everyone into the office one late afternoon and on the phones. You buy the pizza and beer at 6pm (not too much!).

Suggested scripts

Old buyers:  "Hi, I am calling from xxx. You came to an open home nearly six months ago. I am wondering if you have made a buying decision yet?" And go from there. Either re-qualify the person into the system or take them out. Before they are dropped altogether, ask: "Would you like to receive updates on the marketing in this area from us?" If they say yes, put them on the client base. Qualify them as: 'to do - potential vendor' - they may have a house to sell. Ensure their address and phone number are correct. Take the time to get it right.

Past appraisals: (You haven't got back to them for too long (yes they exist!)) "Hi, I'm calling from xxxx. I came out to see you four months ago about an appraisal. I am wondering if the situation is the same or if you are thinking of selling?" Then go from there. "No, we are still looking." "Can I just update what it is you are looking for? Are you on our buyer alert system? Let me put you on there right now?" Again, do not worry about it if they only re-qualify onto the forms but don’t get into the system. The main thing is they are all re-qualified.

Get everything off the desks

Get all loose enquiries off the desks - all open day forms that have not been put into the system, all loose enquiries in diaries. Have a day when the team gets all of this into the system or onto the new forms you have designed.


You need to change the culture here so:

  • Have lots of discussion. Hold a training day where you let the team talk about this and ask you questions. Let the negatives come out. You just listen and guide. Good session to have - otherwise you will be driving this forever. They must buy into it.
  • Encourage them to just get this done in the next few days. If necessary, tell them not to worry about getting the information into the system, but rather onto the forms. You can sort out who is going to enter the information next.
  • Set deadlines for this. Must be done in the next week? Whatever is appropriate.
Written by Peter Gilchrist