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#AREC 2015 - Peters notes from 1st day.

Some gems in here.

Tom Ferry - Out market and out innovate your competition

Where are the fish and how do I go after them

Organise your data base - contactually.com, FB custom audiences, Intelius.com

Talk to 5 people in your Data Base every day

3 Questions to ask: 

1. Have you had any thoughts of selling?

2. Are you curious about the NEW value of your home?

3. At what price would you become a seller?

The Rich and the Rest hate doing what it takes to be successful. The Rich do it anyway.


1. Map your track record/ data base on Batch Geo or Google maps

2. Where is the total market higher than 6% turnover?

3. How many homes can you manage?

4. What is your budget? FB ads, direct mail, etc

7 Campaigns to dominate

1. Direct Mail

2. Door knocking/ letter box drops

3. Facebook ads

4. Instagram and videos (Instagram is the fastest growing SM. Get everyone you know to follow you)

5. Expired’s (old and new)

6. Community functions

7. Non-owner occupied

The Rich measure, adjust and reset goals quarter by quarter and have a business plan

Project management tool (ideas board): 3 columns: Do, Doing, Done. That way you can see what you have achieved and where you are going.

In life we all get squeezed - question is, when you get squeezed what comes out?

When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice

When you get squeezed… do you just react??

Drama does’t just walk into your life out of nowhere, you either create it or associate with people who do.

Do you have mental gifts and lack physical toughness?

Sometime in the future I would love the opportunity to coach you.

When you do a deal ask people to give you a wrap/testimonial on their Facebook page and tag you. That way they tell their friends how good you are and your friends see how good you are on your page!

Martin Cooper - Get you mind right, Success will follow

(#1 Harcourts, Auckland)

When faced with anxiety and depression think… "Good? Bad? Who knows?"

It’s all in the way you react to circumstances

An apple a day...

Feed your mind a gem a day to improve your mental attitude

Become a believer:
  1. Believe in your brand
  2. Believe in your company
  3. Believe in yourself

Look at the 5 people you hang out with most… are they tearing you down or building you up.

What are your passwords… change them so you type in something positive everyday when you log on e.g. imsuccessful

Nothing tastes as good as slim feels

Change your voice message every day

Steve Carroll - REA - Selling in a digital world

People only remember Peak Moments

They’ve all been on a journey to sold

What goes through their minds - how do they make decisions

Emotions all sellers go through. They want:

1. Security

2. Reassurance

3. Control

4. Support

These emotions create Peak Moments and trigger people into action, driving their behaviours

Peak Moments make people recommend you to their friends

How do you create Peak Moments with people you’ve never met?

Use the internet to impress people you’ve never met before.

1. SECURITY - sellers are feeling insecure. They want to feel safe so they do a DIGITAL INTERVIEW (research you online, looking at other homes for sale in the area and which brands are listing them). These agents have created a Peak Moment because of their online profile and the seller feels safe now. 57% of decisions are made BEFORE they contact you!

2. REASSURANCE - I’m pretty sure Michael Clark is my man (agent) but I just need reassurance. The vendor will compare 2 or 3 agents online

When buyers and sellers interact with you, they don’t remember everything but they do remember Peak Moments.

Michael Sheargold - Breakthrough to Super Agent Performance

 4 ways to wealth

1. Win it (lotto)

2. Marry it

3. Inherit it

4. Make it

michaelsheargold.com/AREC for downloads

Research Followit (app??)

To have a breakthrough you need:

1. Bulletproof belief system

2. Superior market intelligence (know your stats)

3. Deal maker mindset (opportunity awareness. Ask 2 more questions even after you have all the info)

4. Massively productive - what do I need to do

5. Relationship building legend

Michael Clark - From Rock bottom to $3.5million (owns Clark and Humel Property in Manly, NSW)

Scripts and dialogues are everything

Sincerity beats cleverness every day of the week.

Why would I go with you when the other agent is more experienced… “This could be career defining if I get you a record price for your property"

Auction: think of it as a private treaty wth a deadline!

Vendor management: Types of vendors:

1. Cynical

2. Overly positive (don’t sweeten feedback to these people)

3. No sense of urgency

4. Agressively opinionated

5. Take good advice

People need to know I know my stuff AND I’m working for them.

Samantha DeBianchi - The 2015 Agent

Why would someone spend money with you, if you don’t believe in you

What am I good at, that I could leverage? eg love to read and write… start a blog or video to share info.

You are finding info and making it your own.

You can create who you want to be on social media. What you put out is what you become known for.

Do a Linkedin course… you can target business owners or CEO's

At what point in your career did you become an expert?

Be persistent, don’t get frustrated, get rid of the noise, stay focused on your goals, be authentic

Sell yourself and your own strengths

Tim Ferriss - Get twice as much done in half the time

Testing the impossibles

If 50% of people in real estate are doing the same thing, stop, question it.

Data is power… but QUESTIONING is king.

Treat life as a series of 2 week experiments

Data - what can I measure and test

Core tool kit: see photo on phone, of book recommendations

Daily tech tools:

1. Evernote (clipper, show related notes in Google)

2. Screenflow (records voice and video) -> Drop Box (never teach anything more than once, record and share on Drop Box)

3. Emails: Boomerang or Followup.cc - automatically schedules reminders and follow ups, Emailga.me

4. Momentum extension (Chrome)

5. Newsfeed eradicator for Facebook (Chrome)

6. Bufferapp

7. One password or Last pass



D= Definition - what you want to have/be/do 3 years from now. Break down your income target into monthly targets until you have as much money as you need to get what you want.

E= Elimination - don’t spend time on the wrong things. Something unimportant done well, doesn’t make that thing important!

A= Automation - use technology first then people second (delegating)

L= Liberation

13 Questions for productivity, lifestyle, design and beyond  (Set a monthly reminder to ask yourself these questions)

1. What if I do the opposite for 48 hours. Don’t be scared, almost everything is reversible. eg make calls 7-8am, study system and products 8-5pm, make calls 5-7pm

2. What do I spend a silly amount of time and money on? What itch can I scratch? Scratch your own itch… go through your bank statement and see what you spend the most amount of money on. What do you believe that other people think is crazy? What if you had to accomplish your 10 year goals in the next 6 months...

3. What would I do/have/be if I had $10 million. What’s my real target monthly income.

4. What are the worst things that could happen? Could I get back here? Fear setting is like goal setting: If your fear isn’t clearly defined, you can’t overcome it.

Create 3 Columns:

1. All the things that could go wrong

2. What can I do to avoid these things happening

3. How do I get back to where I am now if it happens

5. What if I could only work 2 hours a day (imagine if I got sick and that was all I could do) What would I do? 80/20 rule

6. What if I let them make decisions up to $100 or $500 or $1,000. This allows you to go from manager to owner.

7. What’s the least crowded channel for the people I’m trying to reach eg email, radio, face to face to talk to bloggers.

8. What if I couldn’t pitch my product directly? You need to sell around the product. If you have a strong oppinion … put it out there. Sell the messenger before you sell the message. You can use any interesting trend to get into the media that isn’t even real estate related… and they will usually mention you are a real estate agent!

9. Do I need to make it back the way I lost it? What if I created my own real estate MBA? How would I spend my money to learn about business. Tim Ferriss owns Angel Investing.

10. What if I could only subtract to solve problems… create a “Not to do list"

11. What rules and system would I need for a 4-8 week vacation? Block out an 8 week dream trip - to make this happen you need systems in place and empower people to make autonomous decisions

12. Am I hunting antelope or field mice? Lions can catch mice but it takes a lot of energy. They are built for hunting antelope. When you look at your To Do list, which item causes the most stress… this is the antelope. What’s the one thing that will make everything else easier (or irrelevant)… this is the antelope.

13. achievement is great but how are you working on appreciation. If you aren’t grateful for what you have, nothing you ever get will satisfy you. 5 minute journal: Write 3 things you are grateful for when you get up in the morning and again before you go to bed, write 3 good things that happened today.

  • If you’re anxious you’ll be less productive
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify
  • To make a decision is to cut away other options.
  • Look for simple answers




Written by Peter Gilchrist